National Opening Event 2020

Nachhaltigkeitswoche Bern, BENE and SWS invite all interested people and LSWs to the national
opening event:

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Climate Justice: utopian concept or feasible obligation?

Those who have contributed most to climate change through the emission of greenhouse gases will
not have to bear the main burden of its consequences. Questions of justice and responsibility in the
climate crisis are increasingly the subject of political and social debate and will continue to occupy
present and future generations.
At this event, experts will shed light on interdisciplinary aspects of climate justice and thus introduce
this multifaceted and complex topic through short input lectures.


Our speakers




Dr. Dominic Roser (University of Fribourg)




Jana Junghadt (Caritas)




Sascha Rijkeboer (Poetry Slammer)




Fabio Leippert (Biovision)




Prof. Dr. Peter Messerli (University of Bern)

This year we have 15 Sustainability Weeks in 34 higher education institutions

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