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We have been thinking about a new logo for a long time. The Sustainability Week is a Swiss-wide movement, consisting of many committed students across the nation. This should also be symbolized in our visual appearance.

A uniform visual identity has many advantages. First of all, it strengthens the sense of community within all members and fosters collaboration. There are lots of things we can learn from each other. In addition, a strong public voice is important to us, which we can strengthen through a common goal and its respective visual representation.

The three-pillar-model of sustainability on the left is followed by the priority model of sustainability and our new logo as a visual interpretation of it.

Over the summer, we worked intensively and in close cooperation with the communication agency Rebel on various graphic options and refined the result over various rounds. We are extremely satisfied with the result. We remain true to our roots as the logo is a more modern version of our previous one: a visual representation of the priority model of sustainability, also referred to as strong sustainability. The three colours symbolise the environment, the society and the economy. We consider sustainability to be essential in all three areas, but they build up on each other. A healthy environment forms the basis for a prosperous society, within which a sustainable economy can thrive. The priority model is an alternative to the the widely used three-pillar model, in which sustainability is only represented by the small part where the three areas overlap (see visual model). In contrast to the three-pillar model, the priority model does not allow for an overpowering economy but it rather underlines the interaction between all three areas.

The logo exists in four language versions and can be adapted for all the cities individually.

At the same time, the new visual identity leaves room for the local identity of the Local Sustainability Weeks. While everyone uses the same logo, the name with four different language versions does justice to the diversity of our organisation. There are versions in English, French, German and Italian, each combined with the respective city name.

The change process is not easy. Many people invested a lot of work and heart into their visual identity last year. The logo in Zurich had proven itself for years. So we tried to involve as many people as possible in the process, so that everyone could identify with the end result. We leave it up to the local organisers whether or not to adopt the new visual identity. After all, the idea behind SWS is to empower students and creativity is by no means to be prevented.

The feedback has been very positive and we are glad to see that a number of Local Sustainability Weeks have already adopted the new logo, fostering the Swiss Sustainability movement for the years to come. We want to thank everyone who was involved in this process and gave valuable ideas and feedback along the way, Rebel Communication for the wonderful collaboration and most of all: all the students investing their free time to work together towards more sustainability at Swiss higher education institutions.

Different applications and templates of the new visual identity.

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