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The Lausanne Sustainability Week is…

… taking place this year for the first time

… organised by a fresh new team full of ideas

… taking place on the campuses of UniL and EPFL

… filled with all sorts of different events

… a whole week in the beginning of March

Our story

Two girls, one dream. Descending like two prophets upon an Unipoly meeting, they shared their desire to have a sustainable week organised in Lausanne.

Two weeks afterwards, 16 motivated students gathered and a volcano of ideas sprung up from this collaboration.

Several meetings later and with some additional members, the tasks were well distributed with project heads and assistants for each of them. A real team was born, whose watchwords were motivation, enthusiasm and mutual aid.

As the days go by, the Sustainability Week is taking shape, with its outline becoming clearer and clearer, thanks to the fantastic students from UniL and EPFL and their strong team spirit.

The team


Administrative & management

Audrey (1) & Marcia (2)

Coach : Fanny (3)


Felipe (4)


Philippe (5)


Marine (6)


Nadège (7)

Assistants : Jantina (8), Jamba (9)


Nadège (7)

Assistants : Nouha (10), Amine (11)

Walks team

Julia (12)

Assistant : Victor (13)


Rivers and lakes

Vegetable garden

Campus Fauna&Flora

Awareness team

Léa (14)

Assistant: William (15)

Vox pop

Pre/post event survey

Work session

Activities team

Alice (16)

Disco soup (Lucie (17))

Swap Zélig/Sat

Festival activities

Festival party

Events team

Claire (18)

Inauguration of the week



Festival team

Lauriane (19)

Assistants: Nouha (10), Amine (11)


Food stand (Thrudy (20))


Our values

  • Positivity

  • Simplicity

  • Originality

  • Sharing

  • Pacifist

  • Participation

Our objectives

  • Strengthen the thematics of sustainable development in the eyes of tomorrow’s researchers, executives, professors and intellectuals

  • Encourage each and every one to think about their impact on sustainability and the environment and give them the necessary tools to make their impact a positive one

  • Convince each and every one on the positive impact that they can have by changing their daily habits

  • Showcase students and societies striving for sustainability in all its forms throughout the whole year

  • To take on an epicene language

  • Present the 3 pillars of sustainable development which are economic, environmental and social sustainability, in a theoretical, reflective and practical manner

  • Raise awareness through unfamiliar subjects and alternative ideas

  • Take on themes such as food, consumption, waste (collection, recycling), green energy, transport and accomodation, all while offering artistic and fun exhibits as well as round tables, stands and conferences

The program

A more detailed program with a description of each event is available in pdf there : Programme pliable A4. Also if you print it, print it on both sides and you can then fold it according to the figure below.

Do you also want to get involved ?

Don’t hesitate one second and come meet us !

Send a message to