We are currently elaborating new concepts. They will be available from mid-November – stay tuned!

We are as transparent as possible and want to share our success story with everybody. This is why we make all kinds of documents open to the public. Some explain why and how we are organized some are very specific. Feel free to have a look at them and use them to your advantage!

Code of Conduct
Here you can find our guidelines and philosophical principles in order to create a sustainable, voluntary and student driven Swiss Sustainability Week.

Concept form for a Local Sustainability Week
Here you can find the form with questions about what a participating Local Sustainability Week wants to do (i.e. what events, what political demands, etc.)

Concept for Cafeteria
Here you can find the concept how to work with cafeterias/mensas (German).

How to set up a Local Sustainability Week
Here you can find an introduction to how a Local Sustainability Week can be organized and which first steps can be taken to build it up.  An overview over possible fields of possibility and their tasks is included.

Letter of Intent for a higher education institution
Here a draft of a Letter of Intent is provided. This document can be adapted to the needs of the Local Sustainability Week and the higher education institution which is asked for funding and support.  

Letter of Intent for a Local Sustainability Week
Here is a description of what we expect our organizers to promise in order to ensure their full commitment.

Marketing Concept for LSWs
Here are some recommendations for LSWs for their marketing.

Paper on political demands at higher education institutions DE (FR)
All Local Sustainability Weeks position their higher education politics demands within the demands set up by the Swiss Association of Student Organizations for Sustainability. Unfortunately there is no English version available.

Swiss Sustainability Week Concept DE
Here you can find the concept of what the Swiss Sustainability Week is about, what our aims are and how the SSW is organized.

Swiss Sustainability Week Logo (png)
As for now please use this Logo on your documents, power point presentations and so on. We are currently working on a homogeneous marketing concept.

Template: Finances Local Sustainability Week
This Excel-file helps Local Sustainability Weeks to keep track of their financing. Please make sure to download it in order to edit it.

Excelsheet for refunds (DE,FR,IT)
Excelsheet for personal traveling expenses (DE,FR,IT)

University policy concept of the Swiss Sustainability Week
Here you can find guidelines and useful material with tips and experiences of the Zurich Sustainability Week for university policy.

Why How and What of the Swiss Sustainability Week
Here you can find an introduction to what a Sustainability Week actually is and why it is an effective way to foster sustainability at higher education institutions and in society.

If you need support and / or advise regarding funding don’t hesitate to contact us. We can certainly help out!