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Water Lecture Series (EN)

25. March | 18:15 - 20:45

This online lecture series discusses different aspects concerning water and sustainability. Experts from different fields talk about land use and its impact on the water cycle, (un)sustainable water governance and climate change in Switzerland, and about the impact of microplastics in the aquatic environment. The whole lecture series will take place online via Zoom!



Land Use and its Impact on the Water Cycle

Prof. Dr. Ansgar Kahmen (Associate Professor for Physiological Plant Ecology, University of Basel)

With our new way of industrialised land we have the ability to produce more food than ever. However, with this intensive land use come consequences for the water balance. During this presentation we will discuss the water cycle and how it is influenced by plants and ecosystems. Furthermore, we will focus on how land use affects local and continental water fluxes with associated feedbacks on soils and climate.

When: from 18.15 until 19.00 Uhr


(Un-)Sustainable Water Governance Under Climate Change in Switzerland

Dr. Elke Kellner (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL)

Glaciers are melting and we face more frequent and intense droughts. The Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 requests an increase in hydropower production, farmers depend on irrigation, and fish need sufficient water in the rivers to survive. How can we ensure a sustainable water use in the future? Who has the right to use the water of the new lakes in front of melting glaciers? Who is entitled to use water in a situation of scarcity?

The presentation points out trade-offs inherent in sustainable development in dealing with water in Switzerland under climate change and enables a joint discussion of potential solutions.

When: from 19.00 until 19.45 Uhr


Microplastics in the Aquatic Environment

Dr. Gabriel Erni Cassola (Program Man-Society-Environment, University of Basel)

Dr. Gabriel Erni Cassola will give an overview of biofilms on microplastics in our bodies of water and touch on biodegradation and pathogenic bacteria in a little more detail.

When: 19.45 bis 20.30 Uhr


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25. March
18:15 - 20:45
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