Date(s) - 09/03/2018
10:15 - 12:00


With Mark J. Post, professor of Physiology at Maastricht University and co-founder of MosaMeat B.V., the Netherlands

Cultured meat – meat made from designated skeletal muscle stem cells from animals – is one of the most transformational innovations of our time. Mark Post, creator of the world’s first cultured burger, will come to Fribourg to present how it reduces environmental impact and makes our food system 2050-proof.
Biologically, cultured meat is meat as we know it and is therefore intended for meat-eaters. Because cultured meat will have a different cultural value than livestock meat, it is a product intermediate between plants and meat and may facilitate the transition from an animal-protein towards a plant-protein diet. In any event, moving towards a more sustainable protein production is inevitable. The preferred way towards that goal still satisfies our increasingly sophisticated future food desires

LSW: Fribourg

Université de Fribourg, Miséricorde 3113
Avenue de l'Europe 20
1700 Fribourg

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