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Open Source Documents

We want to be as transparent as possible and share our experience & best-practices. This is why we make our documents open for everyone to use. Some of these documents explain why and how we are organized and some are very specific for a certain use.

Feel free to have a look at them and use them to your advantage!

You can find the Social Media Package 2020 here.

Vision, Mission and Values 


SWS Onepager


SWS Concept

SWI Concept

Code of conduct

Collaberation and partnership

Corporate identity (.zip)

Fundraising guidelines

Cafeteria communication

Marketing concept

HEI-Politics concept

Demanding paper


How to set up a Local Sustainability Week

Letter of Intent for a higher education institution

Letter of Intent for a Local Sustainability Week

Finance of a Local Sustainability Week

Excel for Refunds

Excel for personal traveling expenses