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Thank you all for coming to our Opening Event!

The opening event of the Swiss Sustainability Week was a great success. A personalised video-message from Al Gore as well as personal and emotional insights from both the core teams of the Swiss Sustainability Week (SSW) and the Nachhaltigkeitswoche Zürich filled the room with energy and passion. “Seeing the reaction in the faces of the people when they were watching the video-message by Al Gore was definitely my favourite part of the evening” says Simon Liebi, who is part of the core team of the SSW and moderated the event together with team member Pascal Schneider.

Right after the Video message, a brief but emotional speech by Rosa Brown, Giulia Fontana and Marie-Claire Graf introduced the Swiss Sustainability Week, its relationship to the Nachhaltigkeitswoche Zürich, how it all started and who is behind it. The core team of the Nachhaltigkeitswoche Zürich immediately gave a great and compelling follow-up speech and presented not only how they are keeping track of the political demands and how they are building up on the past five years of Nachhaltigkeitswoche Zürich but also the highlights of this years amazing program of more than 40 events across the city.

Inés Tijera, our co-founding member could unfortunately not be there, neither could Lorenz Keysser, who currently studies in Leeds, UK. No problem he thought and organized a video-conference room where he and a few of his fellow students watched the full opening event live. So did the team Lausanne and the co-founder of the Nachhaltigkeitswoche Zürich, Annuscha Wassmann. Thanks to modern technology, video-conferencing is more and more feasible to attend meetings or lectures all around the world in real time. Great to have a professional technician on board and the back-up of the University of Zurich!

To give the audience an idea of what it actually means to become a sustainable society, Prof. Niko Paech introduced us to the theory of “post-growth economics”, a concept of a society living without exploiting the natural resources we have. A concept, that doesn’t build on “green growth” and the illusion that we can keep going and just make everything a bit greener but a concept that challenges the way we are living our lives and where we all have to fundamentally change our consumer behaviour and start becoming “prosumers”!

With the official opening event, the first sustainability Week in Chur was kicked off, during the next few weeks 11 more local sustainability weeks will be taking place all across Switzerland.


Al Gores Videomessage:


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