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We had been looking forward to it for a long time, and one week ago it was finally all set: The Sustainability Week Switzerland spent its first national weekend together. From Friday evening to Sunday noon we were accommodated in Köniz to chat, eat, play and exchange ideas. The meeting with organizers of sustainability weeks from all over the country was a great success.

Friday at 7 pm our participants slowly arrived at the lodge in Köniz near Bern. We kicked this foggy autumn weekend off with fresh pizza and a keynote address. Our keynote speakers Jonas Schmidt and Julia Cunha B. Santos from the Association of Swiss student bodies VSS-UNES-USU taught us about the structure of Swiss student bodies and how to best participate in university politics.

Poster-designs were created during the marketing-workshop.

The next day was packed with exciting activities. After breakfast we divided into four different workshop groups according to each participant’s interests. The core-team members Pascal and Inés offered a workshop in project management, Jan, Marie-Claire, Annika and Yannic gave a workshop on university politics, Simon L. offered a training in presentation skills and Kris Goricanec, owner of the communications agency Rebel, gave a marketing workshop to learn more about optimal advertising strategies. Afterwards, everyone took part in a workshop on measuring social impact by Rahel Meier.

After a delicious lunch, all participants were immersed in a relaxed atmosphere at the workshop on Energy Management led by Manuel Brändli. Later we got active outside and played a scouting game specially developed by Inés and Lea, where the participants had to solve tasks to get fictitious funds for their sustainability weeks. The afternoon was then closed with a round of exchange where all representatives shared where they stand in planning their local sustainability week. We spent the rest of the evening having a vegan dinner, vivid chats and playing card games.

On Sunday morning we were again spoiled with a vegan brunch and ended the weekend with a last round of exchange where everyone could express their thoughts and experiences about the weekend before swarming back out into the country. The goal of this weekend was to strengthen ties across universities, individual skill-training and mutual learning through an active exchange. Looking at the feedback we have received so far, it was a success.

Everyone shared their impressions of the weekend during the closing session.

We would like to thank all speakers and workshop organisers, the kitchen team consisting of Anna Schöpf and Fabienne Ramer, and all participants for their commitment. We are overjoyed about the movement that is growing. Last but not least, we also thank Simon L. and Eli from the core team for planning and organizing the program.

It is wonderful to see the great projects that are underway. We are very much looking forward to the Sustainability Week 2019. If you have any questions or if we can support you in any way, we are at your disposal. See you again soon!

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