Following a three-year cycle, we are rising awareness of sustainability. Each year we are hosting powerful speaker and present life-changing solutions focusing on one of our three main topics (ENERGY, WASTE, FOOD).In 2018, we encourage the awareness of waste in our continuously exploited nature. We want to inform the students about a sustainable lifestyle and try to change their behavior by showing them some simple tricks. We are focusing on reducing the waste of the students and the university to a minimum. The main issues are foodwaste, recycling separation, and prevention of waste. There is a high potential for sensitization because we, the students, are among the future business and policy makers. Therefore, we have the privilege to exert influence and cast a light on the importance of reducing waste.

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In cooperation with: Stiftung Mercator Schweiz, Global Changemakers, VSN FDD FSS & Stiftung e-na’bel


Schedule 2018


Helena Fierz (BWL, 22) – Project Lead

Ellen Hazeleger (IA, 19) – Speaker & Workshops

Bojana Blagojevic (Law & Eco, 23) – Marketing

Tabea Savoldelli (MUG, 23) – Finance & Sponsoring

Kristina Heilinger (IA, 19) – Research

Marina Koller (IA, 25) – Sponsoring

Laura Giacometti (IA, 20) – Awareness Rising & Booth

Charlotte Sollberger (BWL, 21) – Stand & Booth

Sarah Zuelling (BWL, 20) – Exposition

Ralph Forsbach (MBI, 26) – Marketing



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