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The Sustainability Week in Zurich has…

… been taking place annually since 2013.

… a team over 80 volunteering students across five higher education institutions in Zürich and attracted over 15’000 visitors in it’s first five years.

… initiated the Swiss Sustainability Week project.

… been awarded in excellence student leadership by the International Sustainability Campus Network in 2016.

… won and participated in the Clinton Global Initiative in 2017.

… achieved the creation of a delegate position for sustainability at the University of Zürich and the initiation of a sustainability report.

… fostered talks on flight emission reduction at the ETH in Zürich (ETH life, 3/17, page 8).

Coreteam (left to right)

Arnold Michèle (22, Environmental Sciences)
Bastante Ephraim (21, Environmental Sciences)
Di Salvo Gaia (22, Philosophy & Religion Sciences)
Garate Marcel (24, Earth Sciences)
Schaffter Anna (21, Art Education)
Shepherd Jenny (24, Psychology)

Schedule 2018

Coming soon!

Higher Education Political Demands

1. Teachings and research on critique of growth
2. Strategies on sustainable financial investements
3. Sustainability Report at every higher education institution
4. Concept to reduce air travel emissions
5. Stronger Integration of sustainability in teachings
6. Let’s shape our own future!

Higher Education Institutions

ETHZ – Federal Institution of Technology Zurich
PHZH – Zurich University of Teacher Education
UZH – University of Zurich
ZHAW – Zurich University of Applied Sciences
ZHdK – Zurich University of the Arts

Interested in participating in Zurich?

Contact: info[ät] (please note that only students can participate)